about shahreNovin

shahreNovin IT laboratory group’s basic goal is to meet the ever increasing demands of wide range of businesses to software easing and accelerating complex processes they daily deal with. Our committed staff backed by knowledge and experience of our managers, are to provide our clients with innovative and easy solutions. To do so, we have set tasks such as continuous optimization of software at hand, creating new ones with market needs in mind plus training and permanent support, as our ever must dos. Stable possession of considerable share of the target market, acceptable market growth and high satisfaction rate of our clients, are promising factors which have depicted a bright tomorrow for our company and its people.

Beyond accessories

Beyond accessories and facilities are presented in our software packages which We truly believe are created to give a hand in overcoming difficulties ahead of businesses in a faster and more precise way.

Unique Design

Accessing the most recent software developing techniques, enables us to offer superb products and services to our clients; to whom we owe our achievements and success

Protecting your info

Our services are web based and this is why safeguarding backups of client’s information is the most vital to our team; this is automatically carried out on our powerful servers on a daily base. Needless to say, your info is safest with us even under harshest conditions.

Fast set up

In accordance with the nature of our products and web based services we offer, our clients can go easily through purchase process and receive what bought immediately. Same is true for occasional set up of special accessories and contents.

Prices and payments

Our affordable prices and unique post sales services have brought us more customers regularly and zero churn rates. shahreNovin team, provides high-usage customers with special offers on both prices and payment procedure.